The Evolutionary Party.


talking point 1

“Our aim is to  make the world a fairer, safer, more tolerant, and ecologically sound place, arguing it’s how we as a race should, and hopefully will,  evolve. This is not a political debate, left versus right, it’s about common-sense ultimately prevailing over ignorance, as it has done since we first set foot on the planet.”

Current thinking, limited by capitalism’s expectations, religious dogma, and plain old stupidity, stands in the way of human advancement. It is clearly within our power to allow everyone the world over to enjoy the benefits of a civilised society, the only thing stopping us, is us. Greed has become so endemic we’re at the point where altering the way we perceive our responsibilities to the creation and distribution of wealth is going to be one of the greatest moral challenges of the twenty-first century. The question is, can we evolve?

For the sake of the planet, future generations, and all those we share this marvellous world we as a society must advance in our views  – change the way we think and we can change the way we live!

Viva the evolution! talking point 2